10 minute Dynamic Warm Up – Youth Athletes Binghamton New Yo

10 minute Dynamic Warm Up – Youth Athletes

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Two weeks ago I was asked to present a dynamic warm up to youth football and cheerleader coaches. These coaches are graciously donating a TON of time to work with young athletes.

Typically, the coaches used the stretching protocols that they used in their playing days – static stretching. That certainly isn’t a knock on them, it is just how things are usually done. I was pumped to go over and share some time with these dedicated individuals! Well…I did mostly just talking and Jeremy (the gym intern) did a lot of demonstrating!

Many of the coaches were furiously taking notes and drawing diagrams, so I offered to make a video to help them out (below).
10 Minute Sport Warm Up Protocol

1. Warm Up (running a lap, jumping jacks, etc) – to get the heart rate slightly elevated and the blood flowing – 1 minute.
2. Dynamic Warm Up – preparing the muscles and joints for increased range of motion during movement – 5 minutes
3. Activation/General Physical Preparedness – high knees, bear crawls, shuffles, etc – 4 minutes
4. Movement Preparation – for example, football would be stances and starts – part of practice drills.

In the video you will see basic dynamic movements that can be performed with athletes of any level. I’ve seen some pretty crazy dynamic stretches, but as a former coach, they often lead to messing around at practice.

Included are unilateral dynamic movements utilizing multiple planes of motion. This helps bridge the gap between stretching and general physical preparedness.
Dynamic Stretching Movements

NOTE: Each walking movement should be performed for 10 yards and back. A well organized team can get through this warm-up in under 10 minutes.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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