$1,000 Summer Slim Down Champions


$1,000 Summer Slim Down Champions

Summer Slim Down Champs and the $1,000 Grand Prize Winners….

This year was a new record for EVERY category: fat burned, muscle gained, and percent body fat improved. The transformations in only 30 days were jaw dropping.

As we get into the standouts, I want to re-emphasize important measurements that we can’t even calculate with our $12,000 scale. Including major wins:
➡ Finding “you” time in a hectic life.
➡ Destressing
➡Sticking to a health plan for the first time.
➡Using your sessions as foundational habit to have healthy habits spill over to other parts of your life.
➡ Feeling great

Building momentum is the hard part. Now you’re moving and keep it rolling!

Quick InBody 570 measured highlights:
✅401.8 lbs of fat melted💓

✅ 3 female participants gained .5-1 lb…BUT dropped over 1% body fat due to burning fat and gaining healthy lean muscle. They didn’t fall for the “only weight matters” trick! 💪

✅Three households (parent/kid pair or spouses) are 20+ lbs lighter. #rolemodels 👏

✅ All of the top 3 this year would have won any other year.

Congrats to Jenn and Kevin. Their transformations were incredible.


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