13+ Muscle Building Dumbbell Bench Press Variations


13+ Muscle Building Dumbbell Bench Press Variations

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The dumbbell bench press exercise is a great choice for your accessory lifts. It allows for a elbow tuck while keeping the wrists inline. A bench press locks the wrists in place and causes some torsion during the lift. While I’m a fan of the straight bar press, the dumbbell version can be easier on the elbows and wrists.

Also, since the arms are moving independently, both sides of the body are trained equally.

I’ll summarize my 13+ favorite pressing variations. Each one serves an important purpose. Choose ONE of the exercises below that you want me to further explain and provide a set and rep scheme. (The reason why it is 13 “+” is that you can perform most of the full bench exercises in the shoulder only format as well, I didn’t want to repeat in the video though).

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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