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300 Core / Abs Workout

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300 CORE EXERCISE LIST: http://www.synergy-athletics.com/effective-strength-training/300-core-workout/

The “300 Core Workout” is something we have been doing since my friend Max introduced it to me in college. I haven’t shared it before for two reasons:

It uses some crunching movements and I am 90% against most small core movements
The movie 300 popularized their complete workout so I just kept it to myself.
However, my new manual “Powerful Recovery Methods” will be coming out next week so I wanted to give everyone some DOMS first before I show them how to fix it :).

Beware: If this is your first time it will feel like your abs are locked up about half way through. Power through it! Adaptation happens quickly and you it will be easier in just a few weeks.

To address my #1 statement above, just basic crunches don’t do it for me. I need either more restance, more muslces, or more planes of motion. The 300 Core Workout has exercises to hit the full core all around, and that’s what I’m looking for.

It is a LOT of exercise, so get our your pen and paper to jot these down! Or better yet, drop down and do the 300 core workout right now!

Perform each exercise one time each:

Standard Crunches x 25
Oblique Vs x 25 right
Butterfly Crunches x 25
Oblique Vs x 25 left
Figure 4 Twists x 25 right
Speed Bicycles x 25
Figure 4 Twists x 25 left
Crunched Toe Touches x 25 outside
Straight Leg Raises x 25
Crunched Toe Touches x 25 inside
Hip Thrusts x 25
Bent Leg Crunches x 25
Hold on to your belly! At the end, stretch out the core with a few cobra stretches and that’s it.

Oh, and I know some of these movement might be new to you, so check out the video

300 Core Workout

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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