5/5/5 Advanced Core Workout Endwell NY – Synergy

5/5/5 Advanced Core Workout

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I see too many athletes with “overly crunched” abdominal muscles. Now I’m not someone that rants and raves that crunches are stupid – I’m talking in a much more general sense.

Most exercises shorten the abs and do not put the core under stress during the lengthening. Its important to keep a good balance. When Steve F. flew over from the UK a few weeks ago, I tried to pack in as much training and information as possible. This included some serious training and I cranked in this advanced core training variation.

Level One Variation

Before I throw the harder complex at you, it is perfectly fine to start with this easier variation.

Hanging Knees To Elbows x 5
Ab Wheel Roll Outs x 5
Rest 1 min and repeat for 5 sets
Level Two Variation
Leg Raises To Bar x 5
Accelerated Roll Outs x 5
Rest 1 min and repeat 5 times.
This video is of the 3rd set and you can see I’m already struggling! I learned the accelerated roll outs from my friend Rob Williams and they are wayyyyy harder than they look. There is constant tension on the core and tons of stability required. Additionally the exercise engages the lats during the “pull back” portion.

Thanks to Steve for visiting and Rob for the very effective abdominal roll out exercise.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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