Arnold Sports Festival 2010 Endwell New York – Synergy


Arnold Sports Festival 2010 Endwell New York – Synergy

Arnold Sports Festival 2010


The trip to the Arnold Classic was great – and it took 13 hours for me to convert all the videos from the trip!

In this video you will see Kickboxing, boxing, strongman, grip contest the mighty mitts, arnold, hummer tire deadlift

Here’s why I found it valuable:

* Huge array of sports represented – everything from Strongman to pickle ball was represented.
* Meet amazing people in the strength training community
* Enjoy some quite time driving – I’ll take it where I can get it!

I took very few clips from the actual events, I went to the Expo mostly to support Jedd in the “Mighty Mitts” competition.

Arnold 2010 Clips

The car ride gave me time to think about more ways efficient and engaging ways to deliver content to you. I came up with some pretty cool stuff.

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– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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