Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy


Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy

Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy

Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy: Instagram has become the social media platform for fat loss inspiration! There are so many Instagram accounts that show not only the progress of their weight loss, but also athleisure wear, workout ideas, recipes for healthy eating, and motivational posts.

Getting inspired by your favorite “fitnessgrammer” can be motivation for successful fat loss, in and out of a fitness club. If you are looking for accounts to follow here is a list of our favorite fat loss accounts:




Stephanie Aromando documents her incredible 100-pound- and counting fat loss journey. Her workout videos are sure to push you to try something outside your comfort zone at the gym or fitness club.




When you feel like throwing in the towel, Marqus Taylor is the guy to follow. He has lost 200 pounds, without surgery, and is still dropping pounds. Followers can find amazing before and afters, sweaty gym sessions, and real posts about his success and failures along the way!

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Michelle takes her followers through her day to day fitness routines, while documents her over 230-pound weight loss journey. Negativity stay away, this is a place only for those who want to be inspired and inspire others.


@roninoneBest Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy


Roni Noone has not only lost 70 pounds but has successfully kept it off for over ten years! She started her blog to document her fat loss, and now her Instagram account provides insight on how to maintain. She is an inspiration for those who have lost the weight and now want to keep it off!




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⭐️ BOOTY / LEGS AT HOME LIKE / SAVE / GET A BESTIE TO DO IT! A little booty / Leg duo that you will absolutely love! I’m so proud of you all every single person training once, twice ten times a week! I’m proud of you for doing something and giving your body that love it deserves. Put yourself first always and as cliche as that may sound it’s TRUTH! METHOD: DB & Chair Needed 1️⃣ SUMO DEADLIFT: 20 Reps 4 Sets 2️⃣ LATERAL SQUAT: 20 Reps 4 Sets 3️⃣ HIP-THRUST COMPLEX: 30 Reps (10 reps db hip thrust then 10 single leg each leg) 4 Sets 4️⃣ SPLIT SQUAT COMPLEX: 12 Reps (each leg) 4 Sets 5️⃣ BOX SQUAT TENSION: 15 Reps 4 Sets For more target area workouts head in over to the @toneandsculptapp there’s hundreds to choose from 💪🏼❗️

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If you are looking for strengthen training that is fun and approachable by both beginners and pros, you need to be following this account! She provides a lot of free workout ideas, before and after pictures, as well as meal planning to keep your food choices on track.

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@fatgirlfedup & @discoveringdanny



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I havent been getting in my workouts daily as much as I’d like without my gym or feeling as motivated lately as I did before all of this but I would never want to let down anyone or my tribe and was so motivated by everyone tagging me in #nevermissamonday today! Thanks to everyone tagging me in their workouts & for always pushing me personally to be the best version of myself! I went from being someone who never left the house or couch other than for work to be the person who always ate when at home learning to control themselves finally. Sometimes even as someone who wanted to inspire people & formally that was formally obese you learn to realize how much those that you inspire can inspire you even more! Love you guys and thank you for being here always! #weigjtlossjourney #extremeweightloss #transform #beforeandduring #transformation #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #healthy #gym #workout #exercise #transformation #weightlossjourney #haters #selfie #halsey #trolls #obesetobeast #beastmode #fit #fitness #fedup #fedup #fedupfam #fitfam

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This inspiration duo has lost over 360 pounds together! They started on their weight loss journey with small goals at the gym. And in a year and a half have changed their health and life for the better. If this doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will.

Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs - Synergy

When it comes to fat loss, health, and fitness, Instagram is an excellent resource for finding the motivation to get and stay fit. It may seem overwhelming, navigating through who to follow, but with these recommendations, we hope you can find a few different fat loss stories to inspire your journey.

Best Instagram Fat Loss Accounts at Fitness Clubs – Synergy. Here at Synergy Athletics, we know there are no two journeys that are the same. However, they have one thing in common: The moment that led to get healthy once and for all. We offer a personalized experience to help you figure out the best plan for fat loss that works for YOU.

Proudly serving the Endwell, Vestal, and Binghamton communities, our goal is to help each one of our clients become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. We invite you to sign up for our Fat Loss Challenge. Visit our website or give us a call at 607-725-7297.