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How To Live Healthily With Children

Not everyone was raised with a purposeful approach to eating.

Many times, especially when busy with kids, we eat things that are convenient, grab and go options. 

But being busy is not an excuse for living unhealthy.

There are way that you can begin to instill more purposeful eating and living with your children at a young age. 

1.) First and Last

If something is very important to you, you should do something that contributes to in as the first thing in your day and the last thing in your day.

The first thing that goes into your body should be something healthy.

And the last thing that goes into your body should be something healthy.

This concept can be applied to nearly any aspect that you want to improve upon.

It’s simple and straightforward enough for children to catch on.

2.) Role Modeling with a Smile 

If you cringe at a plate of food that you don’t like, your children will do the same.

Role model with a smile.

You get to do these things for your children.

Make these choices with a smile.

3.) Non-Negotiable

You have to be nonnegotiable with these habits. 

Set a standard that is non negotiable. 

These habits will not only benefit your children, but will benefit your fitness and routine.

I feel so strongly about this topic and I highly suggest you listen for more advice on Episode 20 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “How To Live Healthily With Children”.

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