I Dare You To Take A Cold Water Shower


I Dare You To Take A Cold Water Shower

I Dare You To Take A Cold Water Shower.

Something about going from still groggy and half asleep to wide awake and ice cold everywhere is almost electrifying.

I’ve been incorporating cold water into my routine for about 5 years now.

It may be a cold water shower or a polar plunge into my backyard pond.

There are a large number of supposed health benefits from cold water, and while most may be true, I want to share with you my experience and results.

Calms itchy skin?

I find this to be very true in my experience.

My skin feels so much better after cold water.

Hot waters pulls oils and begins to dry out your skin.

After a cold water shower my skin isn’t dry, isn’t oily. It is just right.

Wakes you up?


Your body gets an initial shock response and makes you very aware of your environment.

Maybe you can substitute your morning coffee for a cold shower.

Increases circulation? 

I would say that this is partially true.

When you get into cold water, it is going to slow down your circulation to your extremities, keeping your core temperature up.

When you get out and your body begins to pump more blood back to your extremities, the recovery process will increase your circulation.

Temporarily your circulation is restricted but is increased as a result.

Reduces post workout muscle soreness? 

Physical therapy uses ice baths often to calm inflammation.

You’re probably not working out to the point of inflammation.

This is partially true in my opinion for treating just soreness.

Boosts weight loss?

When your body is experiencing extreme cold, your metabolic activity increases to help heat your body.

But this is not an effective solution to see weight loss.

Jumping into a cold shower should not be your tactic to lose weight.

Reduces stress?

Cold water creates a stressor which your body is forced to respond to.

This is very short term stress.

But can give you some perspective when responding to other stressful situations.

I discuss more benefits of cold water on Episode 11 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “I Dare You To Take A Cold Water Shower”.

Maybe now you will want to turn the water to cold for the last 2 minutes of your shower.

Listen to learn more!