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Synergy is like having your own 1-on-1 coach, but at the group fitness value.

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Synergy is like having your own 1-on-1 coach, but at a group fitness value. You’ll work with a professional trainer on YOUR personal goals with a custom program for YOU.

You walk in the door, and we’ll take it from there!

Step 1

Schedule your free trial workout

Contact us to get started — and we’ll work around your schedule. The free trial workout will last 1 hour and a trainer will guide you the whole time.

Step 2

Tell us your goals

Your session includes a brief health and goal consult before we begin. We’ll learn your goals and requirements before you get started to ensure the session is a great fit for where you are at today.

Step 3

Show up

That’s it! We’ve got you covered from there. A trainer will have your program ready for you during each workout and always lead you through the exercises. Just show up and we’ve got the rest covered.

Schedule your free trial and experience why Synergy is different. First session is on us!

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Endwell, NY 13760
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