Fast “Countdown” Conditioning Workout Vestal New York

Fast “Countdown” Conditioning Workout


I’ve been using this simple workout formula for a few weeks and LOVE IT!

I adapted it up from an Alwyn Cosgrove article that refers to it as a “Countdown Workout.”

It is only two exercises and was touted for it’s fat burning – although I enjoy it for my MMA fighters, boxers, soccer players, basketball players and hockey athletes.

If you watched my free “Conditioning Blueprint” you’d understand why these sports fit. To summarize, these sports use bouts of moderate intensity mixed in with high intensity movements. Complete rest is rarely accomplished while playing.
Countdown Workout Example

Exercise 1: Rotational med ball throws

Exercise 2: Squat thrust to chin up.

**You may choose two exercises that fits your equipment, just make sure they include moderate to high intensity exercises.

How to perform: Choose a starting rep range somewhere between 10 (moderate) to 20 (very difficult) and perform that many reps for each exercise without rest – 20 rotational med ball throws (10 ea side) and 20 squat thrust to chin ups.

Once you are done with the squat thrusts, go right back to the med ball throws for 18 each side then 18 chin ups. Then 16 of each…14…12…10…etc all the way until 2 reps.

**Note: You may also go down by 1, but I want to keep the workout fast and the reps even on each side of the rotational throws.
Countdown Workout Video

Choose two exercises and some athlete conditioning!

– Joe Hashey –

PS. If you are going into your sport season OR are looking to burn off some extra pounds, check out our full Conditioning Manual and Bonus Videos!

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