Fitness Myths Debunked #10 of 15


Fitness Myths Debunked #10 of 15

MYTH: If you are exercising you need to drink sports drinks in order to re-hydrate and recover. 

TRUTH: Bottom line, nothing beats plain water at keeping you hydrated and the best thing about water is that it’s calorie free and there is nothing added!

It’s easy to understand why we tend to think we need sports drinks if we are exercising… sports drinks are a multi billion dollar industry that promote the need for them.

Their biggest selling feature is that they replenish electrolytes and minerals lost from sweat, however they likely aren’t making a huge difference. A good post workout snack like a banana with peanut butter will probably do a better job.

However, if sports drinks encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated, watering down one may be beneficial for you. But, if you are hydrated and keeping up with a balanced diet you probably don’t need the extra sugar and calories that sports drinks have.

Quick and easy fact, there’s nothing bad about water. Lots of water will keep you plenty hydrated throughout your workout without the need for a sports drink! Just ask any of our professional personal trainers!

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