Fitness Myths Debunked #3 of 15


Fitness Myths Debunked #3 of 15

MYTH: If you want to lose fat, avoid fat.

TRUTH: Fats are necessary in your diet and cutting them out completely would be bad!

Fats are necessary to maintain healthy hormone levels and make use of some vitamins (the fat soluble ones, A, D, E & K).

Fats also help you regulate your appetite. A carb-and-protein-only diet can make any fat-loss or muscle-building goal almost impossible to reach.

There are 3 different types of fat.

1️. Trans fats (which may be the worst type) hidden in processed foods, baked goods and margarine – have zero health benefits!

2️. Saturated fats (think red meat, full-fat dairy and butter) raise cholesterol levels, which increase risk of heart disease.

3️. Unsaturated fats found in olive, peanut and canola oils, avocado, nuts and seeds help prevent heart disease and stroke

So, keep fats in your diet just try to avoid the trans and saturated fats!!

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