Fitness Myths Debunked #9 of 15


Fitness Myths Debunked #9 of 15

MYTH: You shouldn’t eat before a workout if you’re trying to lose weight.

TRUTH: Something to eat before your workout that contains some carbs and provides your body with some energy will leave you feeling more alert, stronger and you’ll notice improved workouts!

Sometimes we get caught in the extreme ends of fitness and many think their fat loss results might come faster if they don’t eat before a workout.

If you’ve ever done this, I know I have before… I’m sure you’ve felt pretty blah, you may have gotten dizzy and you probably didn’t have much energy… never a good combo for a workout!

Not fueling your body for a workout is very similar to forgetting to put gas in your car and then going on a road trip and excepting your car to be able to drive a long way… unfortunately, doesn’t work like that.

Bottom line, we need to prepare ourselves for our workouts to get the most out of our awesome Synergy sessions!!!

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