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Overcoming Depression By Stepping Outside of Her Comfort Zone and Into Fitness

It’s likely that you or someone that you love struggles with depression.

It’s a serious topic, and I commend member Beth Marsh for sharing her story of struggles and triumphs with us.

It takes a lot of momentum to step out of your comfort zone and into habits that will better your life.

For Beth it was joining Synergy.

For 3 years Beth was consistently making time for herself and balancing all of the many areas of life, being a single mother and self employed. 

Like for many of us, during the recent COVID19 quarantine and restrictions, Beth found herself falling off track. 

Feeling sad and unmotivated.

Like her life was off balance.

She was able to stay involved in the gym virtually.

However being home led to more snack…which let to a few extra pounds.

But she also took the initiative to seek nutritional advice to help herself feel like herself again.

Getting back into a routine has allowed Beth to feel back on track.

Her foundational habits have allowed more opportunities to fall into place.

As she was able to regain her fitness routine, her nutrition and diet improved, and she found recreational ways to stay active.

Amongst chaos it is important to find a routine to lead you to success.

Beth shares more of her story on Episode 4 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “Overcoming Depression By Stepping Outside of Her Comfort Zone and Into Fitness  –  Beth’s Story”.