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How Fitness Should Be A Fun and Enjoyable Part Of Your Day.

One quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram can be an eye opener for a fitness professional.  There’s a lot of misconceptions out there.  It may be good for their clicks and views, but it isn’t a healthy, practical, or even a professional approach to getting healthy.

Take a moment to think about it.  Do you see more videos of actual people tackling their fitness journey – or a 20 something fitness model showing off latest glute exercises or back flips to tire flips holding a sledgehammer in their teeth (okay, I made that last one up, but I bet someone has tried it!)

It can be cool to see feats of strength BUT here’s where the problem lies.  We can’t and shouldn’t draw comparisons between their fitness level and ours.

This article is for anyone that wants to start moving and renew their energy

Viral videos are a business.  I enjoy a fun video as much as the next person.  We have to keep in mind that they live in an odd “new” space between business and social.   20 years ago we knew what ads looked like.  It’s different today.  That’s not necessarily good or bad.  We use social media ads encouraging people to both share stories of real people on their fitness journey and specials on train with us directly.

In the fitness space especially, a lot of these popular videos are designed for your views, not for your health results.

Media attention thrives on views. With that in mind, they often report impractical extremes.

MYTH #1:  Working out should always hurt.  If you’re not putting yourself through a grueling workout then you’re not doing it right.

MYTH #2:  Calorie restriction and fad diets are the way to go.

MYTH #3:  You must workout 5-7 days a week.  The more the better!

MYTH #4:  The gym is full of fit people so you need to get in shape before bothering to go.

Over the last 10 years at Synergy, I’ve picked up a few tips I’d like to pass on to you.  My hope is that they take help de-mystify getting in shape and make it practical for you to take healthy steps.

#1.  Working out should always hurt.  At the beginning, you’ll feel it.  There’s no way to sugar coat that part.  However, as your body gets used to the demands of exercise (usually quicker than most people think!) the soreness will lessen and quickly.   You shouldn’t leave the gym every session in a puddle of sweat.

#2.  Fad Diets…get EVERYONE.  They sound sooooo good that we’ll fall for them time and time again.  However, there’s another way to approach a healthy eating lifestyle.  Here’s a video from our Synergy Vestal facebook page.  It’s also a foundation in our Fall Fat Loss Program designed to guide busy adults through meaningful workouts to renew their energy and feel great.

#3. The More Workouts The Better!   Typically 3-4 is typically plenty.  It depends on a lot of factors such going for 45-60 minutes vs 30 minute sessions, your schedule, your activity level outside the sessions.  Keep in mind, not all fitness does or should happen at the gym.  For example, hiking, walking, riding a bike, kayaking, etc all count as fitness.  Find something you enjoy doing and make it part of your overall health plan.

#4 The Gym Is Full Of Fit People.   Don’t let social media confuse you on this one :).  Just because every day people are posting flexin’ in the mirror pictures at every session, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Actually, I think they are the silent majority at fitness studios.  They get in, work on their fitness, and get back to their busy days without saying a peep on social media.

There’s plenty of reasons to take action on your fitness plan today.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Your life depends on it
  • It’s fun (when done right!)
  • Community accountability

I like to tell new members at Synergy that often people come for the fitness, but stay for the community.  If you’re considering getting started, I recommend our fully supported program FALL FAT LOSS.

…but if that’s already sold out, you’re welcome to meet our team at a FREE TRIAL SESSION.  We promise, you’ll leave with more value and knowledge than you came in with.

About the Author:

Joe Hashey, CSCS is the president and found of Synergy Athletics.  He has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Experience Life magazines and 3x featured speaker at the National Trainers Conference.  Joe resides in Vestal with his awesome wife and 3 sons.