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Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy & Happy Living – A Conversation with Teresa

Sometimes it can feel like maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an overwhelming challenge that doesn’t fit within the realities of daily life.

But so much of healthy living is really made up of small things we do daily.

Teresa, a family nurse practitioner at Endwell Family Physicians with years of experience in health and wellness shared her top tips to being healthy and happy.

1.) Brainstorm

Think about if there was a time where you felt healthier.

What were some habits that you were doing at the time?

Could you re-incorporate any of these back into your routine?

Don’t overwhelm yourself!

Start with the easy, small changes first to achieve small wins.

They will lead into a healthier lifestyle over time.

2.) Plan & Prep

On the weekend, take the time to look at the week ahead of you.

Plan out your meals for the week.

Maybe you have a lunch meeting on Tuesday and will be eating out.

Plan and prep all of your other meals beforehand.

That way you won’t be indecisive when the time comes to choose your meal.

3.) Grace

Give yourself some grace!

It’s important to make yourself and your health a priority.

But you can’t be strict on yourself 24/7.

Give yourself some grace for the time being…and then get back on track.

Healthy habits will become a part of your everyday lifestyle in no time!

Teresa shared all these tips AND a bonus tip on Episode 8 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy & Happy Living – A Conversation with Theresa”.

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