Fix Back Pain and Improve Strength Workouts Vestal NY

Fix Back Pain and Improve Strength Workouts

**35 Minute Back Training Video**

How many times have you seen people hunched over at the shoulders – especially people that work out.

Does it make sense? Shouldn’t people that work out have better posture and stance?

Well, it all comes down to their program and exercise selection. Often, the way they train makes their posture WORSE by over selecting pushing exercises and not building a strong back.
Why A Strong Back?

Here are just a few of the many reasons to get your back strong:

* Improved Posture
* Strong base for lifts
* Huge muscle group for compound lifts
* Increases bench, squat, dead lift AND olympic lifts.
* Helps with shoulder health
* Be one of the few to fill a t-shirt up on the back, as opposed to the guys that were Extra Smalls to be tight on their arms!

The back is 100% “go” muscle – big action from a big muscle group.

So let’s get it done right!

I’ve been listening to readers request longer videos with more depth and I’ve taken action for you! My goal is to create a Product of the Month for you. A simple and effective down loadable video to cover the most important topics in strength training.

Over the last few weeks I created the “Big Back Training Video” (and making it crazy cheap for 48 hours).
Big Back Training Contents:

* Effective back exercise index, explanation, and demonstration.
* Two COMPLETE back workouts to print out and take to the gym.
* Benefits of back exercises explained
* BIG VALUE: Plateau busting sets (more info below)

Has your progress ever been stuck before? Not only do I explain the essential exercises, but also include some creative and effective ways to shatter your lifting plateaus. Each one will activate more back muscle fibers!

Big-Back-Muscle BUT let’s train SMART. Some trainers might just say “do a billion pull ups to break your lifting plateaus.” That’s foolish and largely ineffective. There are plenty of ways to get stronger with LESS volume that imagined.

Check out the sample video below on a simple way to improve back and shoulder strength by isometrically improving connective tissue, strength, and stabilizers.

Low Volume Back Strength Plateau Buster (see youtube video)

While many strength products are going to cost you $50 to $100+, I am putting this on a…

This is no frills, fancy lingo or fluff. Just results. The basic lifts are explained, workouts are provided, and plateaus are busted….all for MUCH less than the cost of 1 training session from your average personal trainer.

Click this link to gain access:

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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