Free Guide to Quick Fitness Results [ Article 1 of 4]

It’s tough to admit – I screwed up.

The day we brought our newborn home from the hospital my oldest son Logan came to give me a good night hug.

He snuggled his head on my torso and said “I’ll just sleep here, your belly is softer and squishier than my pillows.”

Ah, the honesty of children! It was funny, but still it stung. He was right. I screwed up and was letting my health slip.

Thanks for the honesty buddy!

Fortunately, I had the background and knowledge to do something about it quickly. It’s painful to admit, especially publicly, but I’ve heard similar stories from members. So I’m putting my embarrassment aside in hopes to help them out by outlining the plan I used to fix my squishy pillow.

Video 1:  Introduction, Mindset and Accountability tips to set you up for success. 

Video 2: (Coming Soon) 3 Step Eating Plan for Quick Results.  

One BIG tip I didn’t mention in the video.  Take choosing your accountability buddy very seriously.  We ended up with a group of 4 that did it with me.  You should have the honest conversation up front and ask them “If the food pictures are good or bad, will you 100% be on board?”

If they’re not ready that certainly doesn’t make them a bad person.  They’re just not ready to put in the same focus you are at this time.  You MUST find someone that is as focused as you are and you can depend on for the full month.

Done For You: 30 Done Personalized and Guided ProgramJune 2nd’s Summer Slim Down.

We’ll talk soon in video two!

– Joe

PS. That photo at about 4 years old may be the last time I had golden locks 🙂
PPS.  There are multiple ways to approach this goal.  I’ll share what I’ve seen work for our members and myself to lose weight and keep it off long term.