Free Guide to 30 Day Fitness Results [ Article 3 of 4]

In Part I – Intro to 30 Day Fitness Results, I confessed to letting my fitness level slide during the birth of our 3rd child.  In Part III, we’ll dig right into the exercise plan so you’re set up for success during the 30 days AND long term.

Key take away points:
❌Use exercise as a “Foundation Habit.”  It takes the least amount of time (compared to eating/sleep/stress) and is the most in your control.
❌You should exercise at least 60 minutes – but it doesn’t need to be all in 1 block of time
❌(not mentioned in the video) Leverage “progressive overload.”  Start where ever you can, but add exercise intensity overtime by varying factors like weight, duration, or rest.

As with nutrition there are multiple ways to approach this goal.  Here’s the outline I followed during 30 days:

  1. Focus on maintaining strength/lean muscle by using higher weight and lower reps.  While cutting calories, it’s easy to also burn yourself out in the gym by thinking that the harder the better.  Leaving in a puddle every session doesn’t always help.
  2. Upper/lower body splits to allow for recovery.  4 weekly gym sessions and 2 activity days (hour minimum of activities such as family walks – which also doubled as de-stressing).
  3. Adding in conditioning (up to 20 minutes, twice weekly) during weeks 3-4 to keep weight loss progress going.

The biggest hurdle is choosing an approach that is practical for you. I’ll share what I’ve seen work for our members and myself to lose weight and keep it off long term.

I highly recommend visiting the nutrition video here:  Free Guide to 30 Day Fitness Results – Nutrition 

– Joe

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