Get Faster With Deceleration to Acceleration Exercise Bi

Get Faster With Deceleration to Acceleration Exercise

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Do you honestly believe working out will permanently “mess up your shot” (an issue I tackled in Feb ’09) If so, stop reading now and continue being satisfied with average. Anyone else that is curious on how to improve the game of a basketball player through strength and conditioning, read on!

Basketball Workout Misconceptions

* Working out permanently makes you a terrible shooter
* Most workouts should be plyometrics
* Basketball player’s shouldn’t squat due to their height
* Lifting heavy weights makes people bulky and slow

Proper Basketball Workouts

Before we get to specifics, let’s cover a few basic guidelines:

* Train deceleration as well as acceleration
* Condition for short intense bursts with “active” (slow conditioning) recovery
* Strengthen AND dynamically train
* Train for impact resistance while maintaining mobility

Sport Considerations

Basketball was one of my favorite sports to play in high school. My shooting skills were average at best, but I was strong enough, and could use my body weight well enough, to pull down tons of rebounds (usually off my own missed lay ups). In one time down the court, I must have missed 5-6 tip ins in a row, but my size and strength allowed for the ball to FINALLY drop in.


Basketball includes both anaerobic and aerobic capacities and is often a more physical game that most people understand. There is typically contact with another player each time down the court. Also, the athlete must be fast enough to sprint down the court, but also have the ability to recover in a short period of time while running the play or defending their opposition.

The sport requires the ability to run, jump, and move fluidly. The sample workouts are OFF SEASON training regimens.
Sample Basketball DE Lower Workout

1. Box jump 15 total jumps, no more than 3 to a set.
2. Walking DB lunges 4 x 12
3a. Glute Ham Raises 3 x 10
3b. X Walks 3 x 10
4. Ab Bridged Moving Men (via Bull Strength) 3 x 1 min

Conditioning finisher, deceleration box jumps to sprint (see video)

This video is very important and probably should receive it’s own post because there is a LOT going on here. Acceleration to deceleration to re-acceleration. Note the end of the sprint where the athletes finish the run exactly how they accelerate (in terms of upper body motion).
Increase Speed With Accel, Decel, Recel.

Sample Basketball ME Upper Workout

A lot of people only train the lower body for basketball…BIG MISTAKE!

1. Weighted Push ups (keeping the scapula free) 6 x 4 plus drop set
2a. Chin Up 4 x 6
2b. Face Pulls 4 x 6
3. Walking DB Military Press 3 x 12 presses
4a. Seated DB Power Cleans 3 x 12
4b. Barbell Reverse Curls 3 x 12

Basketball players should not be treated like glass in the weight room, but do require some considerations. If you want a complete list of considerations and full workouts, get your hands on a copy of Bull Strength ASAP.


– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

PS. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited for this week.

Things coming up for you:

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