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“Get TWISTED” Conditioning Workout

**MORE FREE VIDEOS** http://www.synergy-athletics.com From what I’ve seen, firefighters have a pretty good training that carry’s over to their job: ie ladder climbing, carry hose, climbing steps, etc. This is awesome and effective.

I’d love to put out a complex that involves a lot of implements like this:

Odd Object Fireman Workout Complex

Thick Rope Sled Row x 50 ft
Anti Rotational Sled Drag x 50 ft
Sledge Swings x 5 each side
Repeat 2 times straight, then rest and repeat for 4-6 sets
But I know that will only help a limited number of people with sleds, ropes, and sledges.

Here’s your gym solution. There is always supplement training that can be done in the gym to help out. The “Get Twisted” complex if one of my personal favorites for a full body moderate to high intensity conditioning session.

“Get Twisted” Conditioning Complex

Why it works: This workout contains moderate to high intensity exercise that hits every part of the body. The lifter will be pushing, pulling, bracing, rotating, and more.

How to perform: Set up in a power rack. Perform a squat thrust, do a push up at the bottom and immediately kick your knee up to your opposite elbow. Repeat to the other elbow then pop up. Do a chin up and hold it at the top. Take your right knee and put it up to your left elbow and repeat on the other side.

Perform 10 reps.

Then grab 1 dumbbell and perform a single arm “anti-twist” farmers walk for 40-50 feet. Rest 20 seconds and repeat for 9 reps, then for 8, then for 7, then for 6.

Total of 5 sets.

Before you check out the video – sorry if it seems I was rushing, clients were literally walking in the door while I was finishing up! Only had time for one take, but I think you will get the idea

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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