Homemade DIY Sandbag “Secret” Vestal New York – Synergy


Homemade DIY Sandbag “Secret” Vestal New York – Synergy

Homemade DIY Sandbag “Secret”

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Homemade sandbags are an effective training tool. Unfortunately most of them LEAK and create a mess all over the gym. This sandbag “secret” video will show you how to create a bag without all the mess…and cheap!

Most sandbags are stuffed with….sand. That sucks. The sand leaks everywhere and is tough to keep in. There are much better options. Wood pellets work for some, but I have a different idea.

Stuff the bag with your thick rope and it will NEVER leak. I used duffel bags plus my thick ropes to create a bag up to 100 lbs and I do not have to worry about the mess in the gym anymore.

Sandbag exercise benfits include grip strength, core training exercise, odd object, muscle stability, sport carry over, and cardio / conditioning workouts.

Joe Hashey, CSCS


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