How To Make Hurdles (Jumping Agility Mobility) For Che

How To Make Hurdles (Jumping Agility Mobility) For Cheap

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Box jumping is awesome for athletes. It trains rate of force development and provides an easy landing.

BUT being explosive and being elastic are two different things…more on that with an article and video this week.

Athletes need to recover from a jump and accelerate quickly, and hurdle jumps are perfect for this training. Unfortunately hurdles are fairly pricey and usually limited in how far they can adjust…

AND, you can’t use them for hurdle mobility (another video coming up next week), because the “X” of the uprights make it impossible to go underneath.
Here’s Your Solution:

Make your own adjustable hurdles out of PVC. You may make the holes at any height so you can use them for mobility, agility, or max height jumping. They are more versatile and wayyyyy cheaper.

I’ll give you a shopping list to make 4 hurdles:

* 5 x 10 feet 1/2 in pvc ($1.66 a length at home depot)
* PVC glue/cement
* 24, 1/2 T’s
* 8, 3/4 T’s
* 8 1/4 in bolts and wing nuts (or regular nuts)

OPTIONAL: If you need one, pick up a small PVC saw. You will also need a drill and drill bit to make the holes in the uprights.

TIME: It will take about 60 minutes to make 4 hurdles from start to finish.
Homemade Hurdle Instructional Video


Make these hurdles and shoot a video of you getting after them! Height, distance, mobility, anything is fair game. Make the hurdles and share!

Joe Hashey, CSCS

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