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How to make TRX Blast Straps or Rings

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This article will teach and show you how to make incredibly effective training equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Three styles of homemade straps:

* Sewn
* Sewn w/ clip
* Grommets

1. Sewn Straps are my favorite, easiest to use, and most durable.

Equipment Needed: Approx 20 feet of nylon webbing, sewing machine, 1 ft of pvc (your choice of thickness for the handle), 1 carabiner.

Procedure: Cut the nylon webbing in half. Make a small loop at one end for the carabiner – sew it tightly. Slide the PVC pipe on the other end and sew that on. Done.

Total Cost: $9

Note: A home sewing machine worked fine for us. If you don’t have one, look up any seamstress shop in the phone book and they will usually do it for a few dollars.

2. Sewn with clip – I purchased these for around $90…duh, I could have made them for about $10.

Equipment Needed: Approx 30 feet of nylon webbing (it gets doubled up), buckle clip ($2.59 from, sewing machine.

Procedure: Sew the clip on one end. If you are using a pvc handle slide the nylon strapping through it and then buckle. If you purchase a ring then just put the strap through the ring and buckle.

Total Cost: $14

3. Grommets are my secret weapon and you can make any strap with these, including the TRX style strap. Simply make the single point hook if you want. Also if you want the extra strap below the handle like on the TRX, just make one with grommets.

Equipment Needed: Approx 20 feet of strap (at least 1 1/2 in wide), grommet and tool kit, carabiners, pvc handle.

Instructions: Place the grommets approximately 8 inches apart for adjustments and use the tool to fasten them into the strap. Hook the caribiner on one end and the PVC handle on the other.

Total Cost: $20

NOTE: DO NOT PUT THE GROMMETS TOO CLOSE TO THE END. Get nice and sturdy grommets, not cheap ones. The straps will be as strong as the grommets – the strap will hold up fine but tear if you get cheap grommets.
Homemade TRX / Blast / Ring Straps Video
Hanging Homemade Strap Video

Muscles Targeted:

* Core / Abdominal
* Upper Back / Lats
* Grip
* Biceps

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– Joe Hashey, CSCS –


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