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INNOVATIVE Hanging Core Exercises

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Here are some hanging core exercises demonstrated that we have incorporated into our athletes programs, as well as our own.

Great for upper back, grip, and abdominal / core strength.

While performing all hanging exercises attempt to come down under control. If you notice the bar in the video it is not anchored down and just hangs by chains. We use this option since it strains the grip (the bar rolls) and it emphasis the importance of staying under control.

*A note on the windshield wipers, some people perfer to do a shorter version hanging with their hips higher and rotating slightly side to side. I prefer the full version of rotating the hips, legs, and back to one side, then pulling all the way across the top middle and down the other side. I find the difficulty is about the same, but I prefer a greater stretch on the back and hips for the athletes. Perhaps bodybuilders would perfer the shorter ROM higher motion.

J. Hashey, CSCS

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