“KO Complex” Rope Battling Workout Vestal NY – Synergy


“KO Complex” Rope Battling Workout Vestal NY – Synergy

“KO Complex” Rope Battling Workout

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How To Perform The “KO Complex:”

Single arm rope battle each of the following

10-20 seconds single arm standing
10-20 seconds single arm kneeling
10-20 seconds single arm “ground and pound” position
10-20 seconds single arm plank
Repeat in reverse order up the other side
Perform 3-4 sets.
What’s The Purpose:

Unilateral rope battling teaches the core to brace and fire under unbalanced and chaotic movement. Each variation fires the core in a different way:
Standing – general core use
Kneeling – takes some leg and glute bracing out
G and P position – 3 point ground contact bracing
Plank position – advanced 3 point ground contact bracing

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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