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Lower Body + Power Wheel Workout

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A few weeks back I had a young man from SUNY Cortland express an interest in interning at Synergy Athletics over this summer.

This was my first request and I had to sit back and think about what I really think someone that is entering the field should know when then come out of college.

Here is my abbreviated list, ADD YOUR OWN IN THE COMMENTS!
New Trainer Skill List

* Interpersonal Skills. If you annoy me when we meet, no way you will survive with clients.
* Nobody Knows It All. As soon as internalize that, your mind can really open.
* Strength Training Basics. Know your basic warm up, mobility, and exercise form.
* Know How To Squat.

I’m going to spend a little more time on that last statement, because I truly believe it is important. If you squat like crap, chances are your other lifts stuck too. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but it is an odd phenomon.

I have NEVER met anyone that squatted like garbage and still knew a ton about training. Sure, no one really squats perfect, but have you ever seen someone shoot their knees forward, lose their arch, go 1/4 of the way down then wow you with strength training knowledge….

That just doesn’t happen.

So naturally, I invited him down and squat was the first exercise on the list. This is MY style of interview.

Synergy Athletics Internship Interview
What Should New Trainers Know?

Post them up in the comment section!

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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