Motivation & Positivity


Motivation & Positivity

Motivation & Positivity – Staying Accidentally Fit with Jennifer Montgomery

Member Jennifer Montgomery joined the Synergy family about a year and a half ago.

And she’s never looked back sense!

Fitness has now seamlessly become an accidental everyday activity.

However her step into healthy living was very mindful and with purpose.

Jennifer’s motivation and positivity are the keys to her success.

Like many of us, there’s usually a moment of realization where you notice that you’re not looking or feeling your best.

You need to the motivation to take the first step towards change.

Jennifer started with the goal of running consistently.

Today she’s running almost daily, beating new time and distance PRs.

Along this journey she only met her goals, but has gained a group of friends along the way.

Weekly hikes and walks around the neighborhood together are help Jennifer stay motivated and accidentally fit.

Listen to Episode 6 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – Motivation & Positivity – Staying Accidentally Fit with Jennifer Montgomeryto hear more of Jennifer’s fitness journey.