Personal Training or just go the GYM what’s the difference?

Personal Training or just go the GYM what’s the difference?

Personal Training or just go to the GYM what’s the difference? People join the gym for several reasons; lose weight, get in shape, blow off stress, socialization benefits, increase energy, reduce pain, improve mental and physical health, have access to exercise equipment, etc. There are all great reasons to have a gym membership, but what about a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer can maximize all the benefits of the gym. Synergy Athletics put together a list so you can see the difference between just joining a gym, and joining a gym that has the opportunity to work with a personal trainer.


What is a Personal Trainer?

According to Wikipedia, a personal trainer is someone “who has earned a certification that demonstrates they have achieved a level of competency for creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and groups or those with medical clearance to exercise”.

Personal Trainers can also provide education on both health and nutrition guidelines. They help their clients reach full potential in various aspects of life, not just “getting into shape”.


Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer has many benefits and works side by side with your gym membership.

See results quicker than working out on your own

Working with a trainer puts you on a schedule that not only holds you accountable, but helps you reach your goals faster.


Help to set realistic and attainable goals

Oftentimes, when we join a gym, we want to go all-in, full force. This can lead to burnout and giving up on goals. A personal trainer helps set small goals that lead to your overall goal, and keeps you on track to getting there.


Personal Training or just go the GYM what's the difference?
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Challenge you to do more and be better

It is common to get bored with workout routines, especially when you aren’t seeing results quickly or you began to plateau. A trainer can be there to challenge you when needed, and introduce new techniques.




Gives you the motivation you need 

Some days exercising can feel like a chore and you may find it difficult to find motivation to work out. Working with a personal trainer can help give the boost you need because sometimes it just takes a little support.


Hold you accountable – Personal Training or just go to the GYM what’s the difference?

Accountability and motivation go together! It’s easy to make excuses; “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’m too tired”. A personal trainer ensures that won’t happen to help you stay on track.


Create a personalized plan for you

Personal trainers recognize no one person is the same. They work with you to establish your fitness and health goals, and come up with a plan that works for you and your abilities.


Show what to use and how to use it

It can be intimidating to walk into a gym, and know what machines to use and how to use them. Having a trainer helps you maximize effectiveness and reduces the risk of injury. They will help you correctly work out and make adjustments according to your abilities.


Educate you on exercises, and lifestyle and eating habits 

Your trainer can become much more than just a fitness coach. A trainer not only helps develop your fitness but your overall well-being. Part of working with a trainer is revamping your diet to be on track with your health goals. They can also show you exercises that help reduce stress to help you manage your mental health.

Personal Training or just go to the GYM what’s the difference? Joining a gym is a great start to your wellness journey. But as you can see, having a personal trainer offers so many more benefits to optimize your time at the gym. Whether you decide to stick with just going to the gym, or using a personal trainer, we also recommend a fitness tracker to keep you on your wellness path.

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