Pregnancy, Family & Fitness


Pregnancy, Family & Fitness

Pregnancy, Family & Fitness – Yes You Can Manage It All

Synergy Member Autumn Kay has been at the gym regularly for the past year and a half.

And most recently she has an extra guest; pregnant with baby 3 on the way.

With her pregnancies in the past, Autumn found that they brought upon excess amounts of weight gain.

This time she is making the extra effort to remain active during her pregnancy.

Working out is her “me time”.

It has been beneficial not only physically but mentally.

Autumn finds herself more energized post workout. Which is necessary with two toddlers in the house.

And she also feels rejuvenated mentally.

Autumn shares a few tips on how she stays motivated while pregnant on Episode 13 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – “Pregnancy, Family & Fitness – A Conversation with Autumn Kay”.

To top it all off, Alexa is extremely active by giving back through community events!

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