Even YOU Can Be Motivated To Run


Even YOU Can Be Motivated To Run

Even YOU Can Be Motivated To Run – A Conversation with Matt

Running really isn’t that scary.

Matt and I promise!

Matt is owner of Confluence Running and has witnessed many people transform their life through running.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be running a marathon every week.

Matt has some simple tips to become motivated; perfect for a busy adult who might have some hesitations about the idea.

1.) Power for Motivation

Motivation comes from power and competition.

During COVID times, there haven’t been any typical races.

Virtual races allow you to complete the distance (5k etc.) on your own at your own time and pace.

Although you’re not physically with the running community, these running events will still provide you with support and motivation.

2.) Achievement for Motivation

Competition doesn’t have to be competing with others.

It can be competing with yourself.

Aim to improve your steps,time, or distance moving.

Level up your performance by keeping track of your progress.

Any personal record broken will satisfy your need for achievement.

3.) Affiliation for Motivation

Affiliation is all about accountability.

You could stay accountable to a trainer, your partner, or even your dog.

If your goal is to get out for a brisk jog each morning, take your dog with you as your accountability buddy.

Trust me…they’ll know if you are slacking and miss a day.

Listen to Episode 7 of Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast – Even YOU Can Be Motivated To Run – A Conversation with Matt” to hear more about gaining motivation.