Shoulder and Back Exercise “FirePlex #1” Binghamton NY


Shoulder and Back Exercise “FirePlex #1” Binghamton NY

Shoulder and Back Exercise “FirePlex #1”


Not to let the cat out of the bag, but before the end of the year I want to come out with a 2nd conditioning manual. This one will include more strength endurance, more unique conditioning, and have ZERO repeats from Bull Strength Conditioning.
The completed manual and videos are still months away, but I needed an “Exercise of the Week” and I broke into my stash.
Instead of “pumping the biceps” at the end of a workout to feel good, try this “fireplex” out.

How to Perform Fireplex #1
Perform 10 straight bar military press
Perform 10 straight bar rows
Perform 9 straight bar military presses
Perform 9 straight bar rows
……..all the way down to 1.
This is a super simple sliding reps straight bar complex, but I have been humbled MANY times trying to get 25?s on the bar. The furthest I have made it was down to 4?s. In the video below, I attempted 25?s first, failed, and had to cut it to 10?s to survive.
Important Rules: NO leg drive on the military press, no swinging on the rows, and NO putting the bar down. If the bar goes down, take off weight and start over.
Expect this complex to quickly identify a weak grip (you will know what I mean when you try it)!
Fireplex #1 Video

Try this out THIS WEEK and post your reponses. I’ll be very impressed if anyone accomplishes 25?s on the bar with proper form. CHALLENGE ISSUED! Shoot a video if you make it.
– Joe Hashey, CSCS –
PPS. Get the original conditioning manual: Bull Strength Conditioning. FULL of complexes like the Fireplex.

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