Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy

Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy


Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy: Sure, we all want a flat, toned stomach, but there are many more benefits to abdominal workouts.


Your abs are part of your core, and having a strong core can help you look and feel your best. Many people don’t focus on abdominal or core strengthening like they should, therefore they are missing out on the advantages of ab training.


What is your abdomen?


According to Wikipedia, your abdomen is “part of the body between the chest and pelvis.” The abdomen contains most of the organs that make up the digestive tract, which is where most of the absorption and digestion occurs.


Also, the abs play a huge role in other functions, so ab training is essential to strengthen other parts of the body.


Reduce Back Pain


Did you know that weak abdominal muscles can increase lower back pain? When these muscles aren’t being exercised or strengthen they can become stiff and lead to back pain. Doing ab workouts can target these back muscles as well as the spine, making them more flexible and reduce pain.


These workouts also improve overall body posture, therefore reducing back pain associated with poor position.


Improved Stability and Posture


Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) - Synergy
ab plank

Ab trainings target the abdominal muscles which are important for posture and balance. Stability is especially important for people who are at risk of falls or slips, such as athletes and the elderly.


As the muscles around the spine strengthen and posture improves, your body can distribute weight correctly. Good posture is important for the health of the spine. Abdominal workouts also improve the relationship between muscles all over the body, playing an important role in balance, posture, and stability.


Sports Performance Improvement – Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy


Whether you enjoy playing baseball, practicing yoga, or are an avid cycler, your abs can play a huge role in these activities. With any activity, balance, stability, and core strength are all very critical.


Abdominal workouts strengthen the ab muscles and provide your body with what it needs to be strong in doing activities. Ab training will help your body transfer energy from your core to the rest of your body. This energy, along with the stronger muscles, will help you increase your performance in activities and sports.


Reduce Body Fat


Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy: Abdominal workouts will help to not only trim your waistline and lose weight, but also gain inner muscular strength as well. It will literally help you look and feel better!


When you have a solid ab workout routine you will increase your metabolism and reduce your body fat. Body fat can be tied to many diseases such as; obesity, cardiac issues, arthritis, high cholesterol and blood pressure, gout and diabetes.


What are some common ab workouts?


When it comes to strengthening the abs, there are numerous workouts. Some of the abdomen techniques that we like to use at Synergy Athletics are:


The key to ab training is to have a variety of abdominal exercises in your workouts, as you don’t want to get burned out. Here at Synergy Athletics, we recognize the importance of abdominal workouts and their benefits. We offer a personalized experience to help you figure out the best plan that works for you.


Proudly serving the Endwell, Vestal, and Binghamton communities, our goal is to help each one of our clients become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. We invite you to try out our gym with a free trial. Simply visit our website or give us a call at 607-725-7297.


Some benefits of AB training (abdominal workouts) – Synergy: With any workout, we always recommend using a fitness tracker. Click here to see the ones we recommend.