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Sprained Ankle Conditioning Workout

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First, you want to make the injury feel better, and I largely prescribe to the I.C.E principle. You may be thinking “isn’t it R.I.C.E?” Let me explain.
I.C.E Principle

1. Ice – Ice your injury to reduce swelling. 15-25 min on, 15-25 min off for cycles works well.
2. Compression – If it is swelling, compression will help squeeze come of the swelling out and provide mild temporary support
3. Elevation – Putting the foot above your heart, ie up on a few pillows, will help minimize swelling as well.

As for REST? For get about it. Don’t park your ass on the couch for 2 weeks due to a small injury.

Footnote – I’m not crazy. You will want to leave the injured joint alone briefly until the swelling is down, but as a whole you must stay active. Also, lose any brace AS SOON AS you don’t need it anymore.
Conditioning Around An Injury

Max is a quarterback that came in with a sprained ankle. With the football season closing in Max can’t afford to take any time off – and to his credit Max had no interest in “rest.”

We went through our normal upper body protocol and an adapted lower body training program.

What about conditioning? I had to get creative since we couldn’t use a lot of our typical upper body conditioning (almost all of it is done standing to recruit more muscles).

In the video is seated rope battling. Very hard on the core, grip, shoulders, and stabilizers in the low back. Also a personal favorite prowler push on his hands.

No mercy when it comes to getting in football shape!

Joe Hashey CSCS

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STRENGTH MANUAL: http://www.bullstrength.com


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