“Super Foods”


“Super Foods”

Take a look at this week’s super-food list and think if you could use a little bit of this in your life? Many of these are very easy to add to your daily routine!

Chia seeds: These seeds are very high in fiber, making them perfect for digestion and bowel health. They contain calcium and omega-3’s. They absorb liquid at 10 times their weight in water, it changes the texture and helps you to feel fuller longer.

FIND at- any local grocery store. Regarding super-foods they are on the more expensive end however, they can go a long way.

Adzuki beans: These small red beans have been widely used in Japanese sweet and savory dishes. They are used in a macrobiotic diet and seem to becoming more popular. They are rich in protein but there properties do not seem to cause the same gastro issues that typical beans do. They have been shown to normalize blood sugar and are a rich source of fiber. They contain vitamins and minerals, including, vitamin A, folate, phosphorus, and magnesium.

FIND at- Wegmans (Eden organic).

Ginger: This spice/seasoning tastes great in many dishes but it has many other benefits than providing great taste! It has a history of being used as an antiseptic, a digestive tonic, and an expectorant and remedy for fever. It’s best benefits come from fresh ginger but dried ginger will do just the trick.

FIND at- any local grocery store, fresh or dried.

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