Synergy Bonuses


Synergy Bonuses


…taking steps towards a healthy and empowered life
…downloading these supporting bonuses to amplify your fitness success
…trusting us with guiding your journey

We’ve got your back! I don’t want to hide this at the bottom. Here is our owner’s personal cell phone number: 607 725 7297. We’re serious, call it if you need any other help other than what our trainers are able to deliver in your sessions.

On to the bonuses!

Our recommendation is to start with the One Page Health Plan and use that as a framework for setting up success. Focus on what you’re doing right and add one or two of the habits mentioned at your own speed. From there, try out the recipes and finish with the metabolism booster pdf when you have time.

Right click and download the following:

#1. One Page Health Plan (pdf)
#2. One Week Recipe Suggestions (pdf)
#3. Metabolism boosters (pdf)

See you soon at Synergy!