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13 Pull Up Variations – Get Your Back Strong!

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Pull ups and variations are great for building back strength. In this video you will see the
1. Standard pull up – build back muscle
2. Clapping pull up -explosive back strength
3. Chin up – build back muscle by switching up the grip
4. Switch ups – exlosive back strength and deceleration
5. Triangle Pull Ups – back strength forcing longer lat and back muscle contraction
6. Push Up Pull Ups – increase shoulder muscle activation and stabilization during the pull up
7. Supported one arm chin ups – Muscle challenge.
8. Rope Pull Ups – varying unstable surface and added grip strength
9. Wobble Hex Head Pull Ups – unstable surface forces concentration and activates the chest muscles (squeezing the DB)
10. DB Flat Grip DB Pull Ups – Add that grip strength out on the fingers.
11. Big Ball Grip Pull Ups – More muscle in the back and grip activated.
12. Plate Pull Ups – More grip, more back, different angles, concentration, and muscle activation.
13. Climber Pull Ups – The variety will really get the back muscles on fire!

I got some email requests to start breaking out the underground Synergy Athletics muscle building style again. There it is!

I have THREE MORE installations of the pull up series. I’m holding them hostage until I break 1000 subscribers so please share the video with your friends!

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Joe Hashey, CSCS

PS. Many are from the Bull Strength Manual – http://www.bullstrength.com

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