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Burpees 21 style – INNOVATIVE Conditioning

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ORIGINAL POST: http://synergy-athletics.com/effective-strength-training/why-this-conditioning-works/ Small changes in a proper exercise and conditioning program can lead to big muscle and strength gains while losing weight.

Burpee 21’s

* Perform the bottom half of a burpee 7 times
* Perform the top half of a burpee 7 times
* Perform 7 full burpees

21 total reps.

Burpee 21’s

Purpose: The burpee recruits muscles from all over the body. The bottom half is primarily chest and shoulder stability, core bracing, and then a chest press (push up). The top portion of a burpee requires lower body strength and explosiveness.
By repeating each portion of the movement, the primary muscle groups that I just mentioned will have less recovery time and more time under tension.

Used correctly = BIG Results!

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