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Easy Squat Set Up – Poor Man’s Monolift

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Walking out weight, resetting the feet,and re-concentrating can really effect a heavy squat. Instead of purchasing a $2-4,000 monolift, we had to improvise.

My first experience with a monolift was 2 years ago when we went out and squatted at Westside Barbell….and Elitefts in the same day. Ouch. Monolift – meaning “one” lift – allows the lifter just to stand up with the weight then perform the squat instead of walking it out as pictured in this video (if you watch to the end you will see a FREAKY feat of grip strength).
Westside Barbell Monolift

Unfortunately these items are expensive and specific to powerlifting. So when we have to go heavy (just a demonstration in the next video), it is time to improvise.

Poor Man’s Monolift

* Set the spotter bars up high where the hooks usually go.
* Have your partners slide them out after lift off
* Do not move your feet and squat!

It is really simple, and fortunately I took the spotter arms off of our half rack so you can see the gray bars set up lower just in case. Also band assisted is just how we were squatting during this specific workout, they are not needed to set up a poor man’s monolift.

Poor Man’s Monolift Set Up will help increase your numbers and concentration during a 1-2RM squat set.

Joe Hashey, CSCS


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