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Eric Cressey Sidelying Shoulder Abduction Rehabilitation

MORE INFO: http://tinyurl.com/ecressey-shoulder

The result of the kick was a seriously sore quad so I emailed Eric Cressey to see if I could get a workout and foam rolling in at his nearby gym.

Eric was awesome and invited me right over. To be honest, I was a little intimidated to train at a facility that works with over 50 professional baseball players along with their regular – intense – clients. It was my first time there and I knew Eric has a brilliant mind for exercise science, but I was surprised by all of the “hardcore” gym equipment to go along with the regular equipment.

In my experience most “brainiac” trainers tend to talk to much and put their clients on light weight exercises. Not here! There was a length of turf, farmers walk handles, elitefts racks, push pull sleds, tire, sledge hammers, etc.

Eric’s ability to combine the different modes of strength training has to be one of the big reasons he is pulling in so many professional clients, fills conference rooms when he speaks, and sells thousands of training programs online!

I twisted his arm a bit at the end to show us an exercise to help maintain shoulder health. Eric knows his stuff BIG TIME about shoulder health (again, 50+ pro ball players train with him and that’s their money maker!)

Sidelying Horizontal Shoulder Abduction

PAY ATTENTION to how the arm should be rotate through the entire range of motion. The nuiances of this movement are what makes it effective! Don’t just lay down and do some side raises. I slowed the video down a bit and Eric used a plate to show the movement more clearly.

Simple right? It is just as effective as it is easy to add to your program!

WHEN TO USE: Include side-lying shoulder abduction after your general warm up, before you start lifting. Also, you may include it within the program as a prehabilitation exercise.

I also would be doing the Synergy readers a big disservice if I didn’t mention Eric is offering his best selling “Show and Go” training program for $30 off until tonight at 10 pm.

$30 OFF SHOW AND GO – http://www.tinyurl.com/ecressey-shoulder

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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