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Explosive Leg Muscle Mass Builder – Squat “Tilted Pyramid”…

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Last week I gave away a free PDF on an Upper Body Mass Building Exercise Complex. People wanted more…so remember…you asked for this…
Tilted Squat Pyramid:

The weight breakdown is explained in the video and it is the same as the bench tilted pyramid.

A few tips before you watch this video:

Pick a modest weight. We had someone do it with 315..squats were sloppy so I cut them to 235 and had them restart. FORM MATTERS.
Keep your core tight on each rep. High reps expose weaknesses. If you fold over at the waist each rep, you will be feeling it in the low back muscles the next day.
Set your mind on completing it. Once you start…no turning back.
AGAIN…pick modest weight! This is the most important tip so it deserves another mention.

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– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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