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EXPLOSIVE Upper Body Training (Dynamic)

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One of the first articles I ever wrote was called “What’s Your Upper Body Vertical” and it was published on Elitefts. Essentially my argument was that people are too obsessed with the “what’s your bench” question and there should be more important measurements for athletes. In that article I mentioned plyometric push up height as something athletes could include.

In our strength program, we work in dynamic effort training before repetition effort.
Example dynamic effort workout:

1. Speed Bench (not shown) 6 x 2
2. Timed Monkey Bars 2 x Length
3. Sloth Monkey Bars 2 x Length
4. Plyometric Push ups 4 x 10 or Hindu Push ups 4 x 12
5. War Daddies (plate halos shown)

Dynamic Effort Clips

Also shown are plate stackers, a KILLER BICEP EXERCISE! I’ve video taped this exercise at least 5 times, and then always forget to get the video up. I’ll try to finally get it taped again this week. I know that fatigue will play a roll by the end of the plyometric push ups, that is why it is performed during the accessory movements.

“War Daddies” is a complex that I have included in the Bull Strength Conditioning bonus videos (and people are loving it!) Get on board while the BONUSES last!

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