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Increase Strength With A Plastic Bottle

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ORIGINAL POST: http://synergy-athletics.com/effective-strength-training/increase-your-dead-lift-and-improve-muscle-recovery/ STRENGTH MANUAL: http://www.bullstrength.com
Increase your DL and shorten muscle recovery – Lifting weights and training can be extremely traumatic to the muscles. They are constantly strained and forced to adapt to increase loads. As a result, poor recovery will damage gains in both the short and long term.

Now if you train anything like us, the legs really take the ultimate beating. Squats, dead lifts, walking lunges, prowler, serious 6’s, and many more exercises really put a great deal of stress on the legs (and are awesome!!)

Solution: Use a simple cyrotherapy technique that has been applied by doctors since the 1950’s to treat over use and soft tissue injury.


Before I show exactly what I am going to do with the bottle, it is important to understand the “why.” I’m just not making stuff up, its all backed with research and then by our personal uses at Synergy.

According to Cyrotherapy in Sports Injury Managment: “It is proposed that applying cooling to a musculoskeletal injury decreases the tissue temperature, resulting in diminished pain, cellular metabolism, and muscle spasm, thus minimizing the inflammatory response and improving recovery after soft tissue trauma .

Ice, although predominantly used in injury management, can also reduce the pain associated with the micro-trauma of regular exercise.

This microtrauma is due to an accumulation of loading forces on the same musculotendinous unit during repetitive activity. This extra load could cause limited or no damage if it occurred for only a short period of time. However, if the activity is not slowly increased over time, or the activity is performed repetitively…then microtrauma will likely result.” Doctors recommends that at the completion of exercise that cryotherapy be applied to reduce microtrauma and the associated pain.

Compression along with cryotherapy will also speed up the time it takes to cool down the tissue.

Read the original post and enjoy the video!

Joe Hashey, CSCS


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