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MMA CONDITIONING workout vs Synergy Athlete Training

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Barry Gibson, an awesome trainer from the United Kingdom stepped up to the plate and is joining me for a 3 video challenge.

Here’s the rules for Round 1.

* Create a conditioning video
* Any objects/weights/tools are fair game

Next round is ONLY dumbbells and barbells for people that train in commercial facilities.

Before we start, here is a little background on Barry. His training methods have been featured on Spike TV while his fighter, Ross Pearson, went on to win The Ultimate Fighter: UK vs US. Needless to say, he is extremely knowledgable and going to put out some awesome information.
UK’s Barry Gibson Conditioning Entry
Explanation: Barry pulls out an amazing fight preperation circuit involving the legs, core, chest, back, and damn near everything else. I’m digging both his tee shirt and that killer movement at 8 min and 45 seconds. Awesome!

US’ Joe Hashey Conditioning Entry
Explanation: I wanted to put out something both innovative and effective. Side plank rope battles targets the core, shoulders, delts, and grip. Bridge sled rows hit the chest, core, back, triceps and grip. Standing rows goes after the core, back, and grip. Single arm rope battling burpees destroys the grip, core, cardio, chest, back, and legs.

Basically, I went after it all! Go big or go home in this complex. Unfortunately YouTube muted the longer version of my video because the gym radio was on. I shortened it and added annotations to explain what was going on. Perform that complex 3-4 times at the end of a regular workout.

Voting: The only rules we had to follow were above. NOW IT IS UP TO YOU! Which conditioning video do you like better?


– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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