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Plate Halos – Simple Shoulder Mobility

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Ever try to do a pull up when you are all tight without a warm up? It sucks! Hanging there makes my body feel like it is going to snap in half.

However, after a proper warm up, they are no problem.

It is crucial to get your body ready to lift….but you shouldn’t stop at just a general warm up.

The problem is people complain that “I just don’t have enough time in the gym to warm up!”

Here is a solution, include mobility exercises during your regular workout as exercises! It is not something revolutionary, but these exercises will save you a ton of time, and increase your overall health.

Here is the first exercise, and it is extremely simple.
Plate Halos

I’m not going to just give you a lift and just say “do it because it is cool.” Insert it the upper body workout below and check out your results:

1. Bench press 5 x 3
2a. Chin ups 4 x 8
2b. Plate halos 4 x 12 (each direction)
3. Single Arm DB Military Press 3 x 12
4a. Supine Rows 3 x 10
4b. Tricep Skull Crushers 3 x 12
Primary Muscles Targeted

* Chest
* Back
* Shoulders (plus mobility)
* Core (single arm presses and halos)
* Triceps
* Biceps

Enjoy and try out these halos!

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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