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Superman Warmup Series Exercises

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This weekend’s Accelerated Strength Development Seminar was a great experience.

Jim Smith from the Diesel Crew kicked it off with a presentation on warm-ups…well perhaps that is an understatement. Everyone was led through 90 minutes worth of warm-up progressions from Jim and Joe Defranco’s Amped Manual. All was 100% hands on people were soaking it all in.

super man warmup

I was amazed by the fact that about 50% of the material was even “new to me” or advanced progressions of movements and I’m always looking for ways to crank it up for our athletes.

Here is just one clip from the 90 minutes – Jim’s Superman Series – that I used before yesterday’s workout.

Coaching Points:

* Make sure your KNEES and lower are off the ground
* Keep your entire arm off the ground
* Squeeze with the glutes to lift the legs

Superman Warmup Series

This was just a glimpse at what we covered during the 6 hour seminar! I did video nearly all the seminar and am considering putting it together into a DVD to help people out that couldn’t make the drive.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

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