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Tug of War Contest (with incentive!)

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Last week I posted about the high school football team I train winning their strongman contest.

What I didn’t mention is how we prepared them for Tug Of War, the event they won at the end to finish off the event.

I do not use tug of war regularly in my strength training programs – it is tough to progress, the action bouts are unpredictable, competition might be unfair, and you need equal groups.

But tug of war does have two things going for it….


We split up the teams and got them ready. The deal was that the losing team had to carry the winners on a victory lap around the gym.

The boys dug in and enjoyed!

Incentive Tug Of War Video

More serious article with a speed training exercise up tomorrow.

– Joe Hashey, CSCS –

PS. Have fun in the gym!

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