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$1,000 Summer Slim Down Champions

60 Second Healthy Hands Challenge

Wrist pain and hand issues have been on the rise since many of us are spending more time at desks and less time moving / exercising. Here’s a simple test of your hand health For our fitness studio gym members, we personalize their workouts to take care these...
$1,000 Summer Slim Down Champions

Fitness Myths Debunked #6 of 15

MYTH: More protein means more muscle. TRUTH: Protein is important to help build muscle, but more is not always better. I’m sure you’ve heard protein is needed to build muscle, but how much, when and what kind? All these questions are great questions,...
$1,000 Summer Slim Down Champions

“Super Foods”

Take a look at this week’s super-food list and think if you could use a little bit of this in your life? Many of these are very easy to add to your daily routine! Chia seeds: These seeds are very high in fiber, making them perfect for digestion and bowel health....
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