The Best Fitness Tracker for the Gym – By Synergy Vestal NY

The Best Fitness Tracker for the Gym

Fitness trackers are on the rise for gym users. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best for workouts.


Whether you are a certified “gym rat” or just go occasionally, the right fitness tracker can help achieve fitness goals. Here at Synergy Athletics, we have highlighted our 3 favorite fitness trackers below!


What does a fitness tracker do?


Using a fitness tracker at the gym can make your daily workouts easier, and make you more likely to achieve them. A tracker continuously senses your movement and activity level. Many allow you to specify your workout activity like running, cycling, swimming, etc. The fitness tracker even monitors your heart rate and how many calories you are burning.


For so long, fitness trackers didn’t do much beyond counting steps. But with technology rapidly changing, consumers wanted something that gave them more feedback and could be used to get more fit. The list of what a fitness tracker can do is pretty extensive, making them suitable for every fitness level.


Fitbit Versa 2 – The Best Fitness Tracker for the Gym


First on our list is the Fitbit Versa 2. This tracker has a battery life of 6 days, so no need to have to remember to charge it every day. It has Alexa built-in, counts heartbeat and steps, and is waterproof (so can be used when swimming).


The Versa 2 can also track deep and light sleep, distance, and calories, among numerous other things. You can set goals and targets for the day and even the week. And as a fitness tracker, it will also keep a log of calories consumed, and compare them to calories burned.


What makes it the best fitness tracker for the gym is you don’t have to remember to push a button every time you change exercises. So if you are someone who does more than one type of exercise at the gym, this is perfect!


The only downside to this fitness tracker is it doesn’t have a built-in GPS. It can, however, use your phone’s GPS.


Overall, it is a great option for most people as its low cost, has great battery life, and tracks more than just your steps and sleep.


Fitbit Charge


The Fitbit Charge shares many similarities to the Fit Versa 2. The main difference is the Charge has a narrower screen and it has a 7-day battery life.


The Charge tracks deep and light sleep, steps, calories, and distance. It syncs very fast and has a reliable heart-rate reader, making it great to use during intense workouts.


This fitness tracker can detect a lot of common types of exercises on its own, and use your phone’s GPS to function as a cycling/running watch. It will even give you an overall fitness score.


Besides the noticeably smaller screen, the Charge is also a little cheaper than the Versa 2, so it may fit into more user’s budgets.


Garmin Vivosport®


Last but not least is the Garmin Vivosport®. This fitness tracker can last up to 7 days depending on the mode you keep it in and also has a slim face to it.


The Vivosport® has a built-in GPS, so you can take your workouts outside. It can track distance, time, speed and pace, and it can map out a run for you using Garmin Connect.


It tracks your heart-rate 24/7, calculating your physical fitness and stress level. This allows you to see what situations cause more stress, helping you to find ways to relieve it.


This fitness tracker takes all the information it stores and gives you the opportunity to join challenges, and cheer people on, in the online community. It also has preloaded activities and workouts, for added inspiration.

The Best Fitness Tracker for the Gym - By Synergy Vestal NY

Closing – The Best Fitness Tracker for the Gym- By Synergy Vestal NY


Investing in a fitness tracker brings many benefits to both your gym and at-home workouts. Picking the right tracker can help you be successful in your health goals. These 3 are just a few that we like to use, so we hope you find this guide as a good starting point to finding the right fitness tracker.


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